Eco-Angst: What Keeps People from Saving the Planet?

Too expensive. Too difficult. Too time-consuming. Too confusing. Too little, too late. (It’s a pretty long list, and if you’re any good at making excuses, you understand that the main idea of excuse-making is to present as many obstacles as possible, hoping one of them will stick.

Old-school goes new-school

If you grew up with a great-grandma who threw spaghetti against the walls to check for doneness, then you understand there are lots of ways to tackle life’s big questions. Could she have simply tried cutting it with a fork? Sure! But what fun would that be?

Did you know you can actually BUY a pasta doneness tester now? Yep, you can. But that was a long time coming, and there were a LOT of generations of people throwing noodles against walls before anyone tried a different way. Why? Because once we’ve got something figured out, it’s pretty tough to get humans to change. (It’s the old “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” adage.)

We’ve broken something & now we have to fix it

The planet—not the spaghetti. We’ve had a really, really good ride, but this giant spinning ball of gas and rock is finally telling us she’s had enough of our shenanigans. We’ve been throwing a global shindig for generations, and the plastic straws, disposable bags, and pesticides we’ve been using as party favors have seriously mucked up the works.

Scientists have been warning us for a long time that if we don’t change our behavior there will be dire consequences—and we can see them already. Crazy weather patterns. Species dying out. Arctic ice disappearing. Warmer oceans. Warmer air. More humidity.

We all know what’s on the list, and if you’re here reading this, chances are you’ve already been putting up a good fight for the planet. But it’s going to take everyone doing their part to turn the damage around.

Simple changes, big results

We’re glad you’re here because we'll take all the help we can get educating people about the benefits of simple, eco-friendly changes we can all make to benefit the planet!

We’re working to save the earth for our kids, and our kids’ kids, so we’ll keep at our mission as long as it takes. If we all make a few small changes and choose products made with sustainable, renewable resources, we’ll go a long way in repairing the damage that’s been done.

Here’s what’s going on at GRC

A few weeks ago, we renewed our promise to deliver high-quality PPE that’s made in the USA to customers in need. We opened and FIRED UP our second manufacturing facility in Missouri, allowing us to hire more local and rural employees, as well as strengthen our partnerships with institutions that help us find employment opportunities for exceptional individuals who want and deserve to contribute to our local economy.

Our founder and CEO is in Washington, D.C., along with a few of our team, discussing the benefits of sustainable bamboo with key leaders who can make a difference as we fight to restore environmental balance.

We’ve grown our team to include global sales and marketing professionals, and we’re expanding our outreach to educate high-level decision makers about the impact they can make by choosing products that benefit and give back to the earth.

At Green Resources, we’re on a mission to ensure that everyone can Breathe the Benefits of Sustainable Bamboo, and we’re excited that we’re making a difference for future generations.

Wanna join us? Check out our website to see what we’re doing in agroforestry, learn how you can get involved, and discover bamboo products you’ll love!

Give eco-angst the boot!

Becoming an environmentalist doesn’t have to be scary at all. You can make one or two small positive changes, and those changes will have an impact

on the planet. Don’t underestimate what you can do to gift a clean, green earth to future generations!

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