Lightweight comfort & heavy-duty protection with GRC’s N95 mask

It weighs less than a piece of paper and folds in half so that it can easily fit into a pocket. Packaged individually, this N95 is safe and sanitized until you're ready to wear it. Aside from its portability, the N95 mask from Green Resources Consulting is comfortable—a feature not often found in filtering face masks. Its ergonomic design allows it to fit snugly on the face while still leaving space for breathing, and a functional nosepiece ensures a personalized fit for maximum protection.

If it’s so lightweight & comfortable, is it really working?

Yes, and you may even forget you’re wearing it! We’ve done a lot of research to figure out how to pack the functionality you need the N95 mask!

Don’t let the comfort fool you

GRC’s N95 mask may be lightweight and comfortable, but it’s TOUGH on all those microscopic particles that are floating around. Loaded with layers of rigorously-tested materials, including activated bamboo carbon, you can rest easy—and breathe the benefits of sustainable bamboo.

Benefits of the 5-layer N95 mask with activated bamboo carbon

The N95 consists of 5 protective layers made of the highest quality materials—three layers of melt-blown material sandwiched between two layers of spun-bond material.

There are many benefits to using nonwoven melt-blown and spun-bond materials. Melt-blown material is made of many layers of heat-bonded polymers like polypropylene, creating a weblike surface that captures and filters more particles. To learn more about melt-blown material, visit our N95 Mask Manufacturing page.

Spun-bond material forms the amazingly strong, yet soft, outer layers of the N95 mask. Spun-bond is a polyester nonwoven material and is ideal for this use because of its durability and water-resistant properties.

Sustainable, natural bamboo

GRC masks contain activated bamboo carbon, which boosts filtration up to 10X.

(Bonus! Bamboo has natural anti-odor properties, so you won’t have to worry about that unpleasant day-old mask smell.)

Our focus on sustainability led us to bamboo, and we’re happy that delivering superior PPE also allows us to give back to the planet by choosing a natural resource that:

  1. Eases the burden on forests by providing an alternate, faster-growing resource.

  2. Provides erosion control with its extensive root system.

  3. Offers a protective habitat for animals.

  4. Efficiently stores carbon and releases oxygen into the air.

  5. Is renewable and sustainable (with some species growing up to 3 feet per day!).

  6. Requires fewer (usually ZERO) damaging chemicals.

Want to learn more about bamboo and sustainable manufacturing? Check out our Agroforestry page.

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